Alexandra Kyra Drum Mash-up ( Deantoni Parks, Mark Guiliana, Skrillex ft Diplo)

Originally from the picturesque Capital of Transylvania ( Cluj-Napoca, Romania), my journey was pretty exciting. After 16 years in classical music training, I followed the ‘beat of my heart’, my biggest passion – drumming. I decided to attend Croatia Drum Camp, an experience that changed my perspective, plans and life. This was also where I discovered a fascinating community of drummers – incredible mentors, musicians, inspirational people which motivated and gave me the courage to take action in pursuing my dream – and, ultimately, meeting my teacher & mentor Gabor Dornyei. I moved to London to study drums professionally, started private lessons and got accepted to the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance via a scholarship. All of this lead me to where I am now, releasing my first video as an Independent Drummer.

Massive thanks to the super team I had behind for this promotional video:

Recorded & mixed : The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance Studio

Sound Engineering & Production: http://www.bastien-c-anthony.com

Video Production: http://www.totalcontroldrumtuition.com/

Photography: http://jamesanthonyparker.com

Logo Design: https://m.facebook.com/GoranGlavacDesign

Merch Design: https://www.facebook.com/skullwearclothing


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