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EDC Puerto Rico and Beyond Wonderland Bay Area won’t return this year

In a recent letter penned to fans, Insomniac Events head honcho Pasquale Rotella revealed that neither EDC Puerto Rico nor Beyond Wonderland Bay Area would see their return in 2016. EDC Japan’s launch date has also been postponed indefinitely.

Despite Insomniac’s long-running success — from Nocturnal Wonderland’s recent 20th anniversary to EDC’s forthcoming 20th birthday — Rotella explains the necessity of a shift in focus: “This has nothing to do with attendance; it’s always a packed house, and you all bring amazing energy,” he says. “Right now, we’ve decided to focus on exploring new cities and enhancing the experience at some of our other festivals.” Insomniac’s newer events including BOO!, Audio on the Bay, We Are NRG and Dreamstate, among others, are still slated to occur this year. 

Rotella goes on to divulge on improvements to the events that will continue on this year — namely, longer set times. As the “true art of DJing” has vanished in recent years, Insomniac hopes to reinstate the storytelling power of the artist.

Perhaps most exciting, however, Rotella alludes to some new US-based festivals set to take place next year, some of which will offer camping. Details surrounding these new events are scant, but are expected to be released in the coming months.

View Pasquale’s letter in full below.

When I think about what we set out to accomplish every year—from new festivals and stages to new performers and design concepts—everything comes down to one single mission: How do we make memories that last a lifetime and create the best possible experience for our Headliners?

Last year, Nocturnal celebrated its 20th anniversary. This year EDC turns 20, and we plan to make each show a very special experience for you: new stages, new carnival rides, new art, and of course, all your favorite music. EDC Las Vegas is nearly sold out, and I couldn’t be more excited to join you all Under the Electric Sky. We’re also kicking things up a notch with our EDMbiz Conference & Expo, which is moving from the Cosmo to its new home at Caesars Palace and will now include two areas of programming with more guest speakers.

This might bum some of you out, but we won’t be doing EDC Puerto Rico or bringing Beyond Wonderland to the Bay Area this year. This has nothing to do with attendance; it’s always a packed house, and you all bring amazing energy! Right now, we’ve decided to focus on exploring new cities and enhancing the experience at some of our other festivals.

I also want to send a special thank-you to all the Headliners who’ve expressed their excitement and helped spread the word about EDC Japan. While we are fully committed to bringing the festival to Asia, we have decided to hold off on our July launch date. So many factors go into creating a successful festival, and we want to make sure you have the best possible experience for our first-ever EDC Japan. Stay tuned, as we hope to announce our plans soon.

Since they were created, Nocturnal, Beyond and Escape have all taken on lives of their own. This year, we’re unifying the music, art and performers so that our vision for each show is unique. We just came off an amazing, sold-out Beyond Wonderland, and the team has already started planning for Nocturnal in September, where we’ll have more camping options. And don’t worry, Bay Area: We’ve still got BOO!, Audio on the Bay, and We Are NRG planned for you, plus a few other announcements on the horizon.

Another goal this year is to help bring back the true art of DJing. Part of what’s so magical about dance music is the ability for a DJ to take listeners on a journey. We want to give DJs the opportunity to do that, so you’ll definitely be seeing longer set times this year. And it’s full speed ahead with Bassrush, Basscon and Crush, as well as Dreamstate, which is growing faster than we ever expected and will be coming to new cities in 2016. We’re also relaunching Insomniac Records, so stay tuned for lots of new music from all the amazing artists we’ll be working with. Last but certainly not least, I’m excited to announce that we’re working on new US festivals, some with camping, that will take place in 2017!

Thank you for supporting us for so many years, and for being so passionate about this culture we all share. I feel more energized than ever before. We’re even making big changes at Insomniac HQ—healthy snacks, new office murals, team-building events—all to make sure the Insomniacs are in the right mindset to deliver for you. As always, I value your opinions and feedback, and I can’t wait to see all of you at our shows.

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