Insan3Lik3 – We Are The Robots (feat. Temu)


Insan3lik3 presents his newest original mix ‘We Are The Robots’ Ft. Temu!

Insan3lik3 has spent the time since crafting his sound into a a euphoric and uplifting signature style that has found him favours with some huge names within the electronic community, with releases on influential imprint Monstercat, as well as others on Warner, SectionZ Records and Tasty Records. Insan3lik3 has also been known to lend his craft to any number of different genres, with his back catalogue displaying an impressive array of electro-house, nu-disco and dubstep cuts, whilst at the same time keeping his mind open by experimenting in other styles. Many have descibred Insan3lik3’s music as addictively feel-good, the former of which can be seen in his electro track “Bad Pitched” racking up over a million views on the aforementioned Monstercat’s YouTube channel.

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