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Soon you will be able to have any SoundCloud track pressed to vinyl

Despite the shifting ways we consume our music, vinyl revenue has managed to maintain a steady incline in recent years. In fact, in 2015 alone, vinyl sales rose 32% with the highest gross sales since 1988. Responding to this trend, new company has arrived to help expand one’s library. The new start-up aims to provide vinyl collectors with the ability transform any track on SoundCloud — even entire playlists for that matter — into actual wax additions to one’s personal crates. Praise, be!

As it goes, will actually play more of a middle-man role in the process. The company’s function will be to aggregate interest from SoundCloud users and present it to the artists, labels, and distributors. Vinyl-pressing operation QRATES would actually meet the demand on the production end.

While the project still has yet to launch, the model presents a direct line for fans to tell their favorite artists what music is most in-demand — and with enough interest, to actually get some new pressings out of it.

Visit’s website to here to learn more about the project.

H/T: Fact Mag

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