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10 DJ reactions to Donald Trump’s presidency

Yesterday, the unthinkable happened: Donald Trump became the 45th President of the United States. Regardless of where you stand politically, this is a shocking turn of events — one that will be analyzed, reanalyzed, and mulled over for years to come. As many struggle to wrap their heads around the repercussions of such a decision, the dance music world has responded accordingly.

Thus far, the dance world’s reaction has been a mixed bag of reflexive optimism and sheer horror. Many have responded with humor — attempting to lighten the situation — while others have opted (understandably) for unabashed anger. Skrillex, ever the pacifist, may have put it best, writing: “If you’re upset it’s probably best to stay off social media right now.”

We’ve compiled 10 reactions from prominent DJs across the dance music spectrum below:

1. Diplo

2. Skrillex

3. deadmau5

4. Feed Me

5. Flying Lotus

6. Griz

7. Seth Troxler

8. Disclosure

9. Moby

10. Bassnectar


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