Eat Sleep EDM


2 Hour Deadmau5 Dark Mix

basically a deadmau5 wubs/bass compilation.


Secondary Complications 0:00
Acedia 9:30
Take Care Of The Proper Paperwork 15:40
Sometimes Things Get, Whatever 22:17
Cthulhu Dreams 29:25
Imaginary Enemies (Imaginary Friends/Avaritia Mashup) 33:10
Cthulhu Sleeps 39:24
FML 48:54
FML Again 53:06
Heavy Petting Zoo 57:51
Acid Planet 1:04:41 (provided by Wanza7)
777 1:07:34
One Trick Pony (ft. Sofi) 1:20:18
Creep 1:23:54
Unspecial Effects 1:29:08
ebortS 1:32:21
Midas’ Heel 1:39:45
Are You Not Afraid? (ft. Shotty Horroh) 1:45:46
Terrors In My Head 1:48:56
Errors In My Bread 1:56:52
Sleepless 2:01:49
Hyperlandia (Sleepless Intro Edit by Larry R) 2:05:09

all rights go to their respectful owners

But really check out Larry and Wanza, they’re some pretty cool guys.

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