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3LAU Just Raised Over $200,000 For Charity Through BLUME

Back in 2013 with his remix of James Egbert’s “Back to New,” 3LAU raised $25,000 for Pencils of Promise. Now, through his charity label BLUME, 3LAU has upped his goal and raised over $200,000 with just two tracks. Here’s how the model works:

“The way BLUME works is every song that’s streamed — so far there have only been two, which have both been my songs ‘Is It Love’ and ‘Fire’ — raises about a half of a cent,” he recently told US Weekly. “Which it doesn’t seem like that much, but when you multiply it by millions, and these songs are getting millions of plays, every million plays on Spotify raises about $4,000.”

The funds will go toward building new schools in communities of need, and 3LAU will begin releasing more information about the schools’ locations early next year, and he’s even toyed with the idea of leading a trip with all his fans.

3LAU’s newest release on BLUME is “You Want More,” a collaboration with YouTuber MAX, which you can listen to below.


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