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5 confirmed dead at Time Warp Festival in Argentina

Officials in Argentina have confirmed the deaths of at least 5 attendees at Time Warp Festival in Buenos Aires on Friday, April 15, reportedly due to drug overdose. At least five more remain in critical condition.

Dr Alberto Crescenti, the head of Buenos Aires’ emergency medical team, told the Associated Press that doctors have yet confirm what drug caused such a fatal reaction. “We’ll see what substances they took,” he said.

Two of the attendees — just 21 and 25 respectively — were killed during the during the event, while a third died on the way to the hospital.

The local government has closed the venue when the investigation continues. Time Warp will not continue on Saturday.

It’s an unprecedented death toll for a musical festival, and devastating news for the international dance music community. Our thoughts are with the victims and their families.



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