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9 things we learned from Boys Noize’s Reddit AMA

Though he’s currently keeping busy with a demanding fall tour schedule, Boys Noize (producer Alex Ridha) made time this weekend to stop by r/Music for his first ever Reddit AMA. The producer got candid on a variety of topics, giving updates on his countless side projects and the process of developing his current live set up. Here are 9 things we learned from the Boys Noize Reddit AMA.

1. He got an early start. 

Though any Boys Noize fan worth her salt is privy to this info, Ridha shares what amounts to his life story as an engineer–covering his early collaborative efforts with Tensnake and a chance meeting with D.I.M. (who is now signed to Boysnoize Records). Ridha also reveals that many of his early tracks like “The Bomb” were produced with only one drum machine, a synth, and his laptop.


2. If he could collaborate with any artist, dead or alive….

…it would be Prince, may he rest in peace.

Prince RIP

3. There’s a new Handbraekes EP in the works.

Ridha’s beloved (and equally detested) collaboration with Mr. Oizo, Handbraekes has been on hold in the two years since EP #2 was released. According to the producer, though, a follow up EP is in the works. Mr. Oizo will even include a collaborative track “Ruhe” on his upcoming LP.

Screen Shot 2016-08-14 at 2.45.38 PM


4. He prefers clubs to festivals.

Though he’s built a cult festival following at events like HARD Summer, Ridha says festivals are often limiting.  Clubs, on the other hand, allow for more experimentation and juicy, marathon sets. Later in the thread, the producer gives a shout out to one of his favorite festivals, saying: ” #shipfam haha, it’s real!”

Clubs rule, festivals drool.

5. His current live tour has been both challenging and rewarding.

With a spate of live dates under his belt, Ridha has added an additional series of North American stops to his fall tour. The producer revealed that the live set up was “a great challenge” and he attempted to bring “new life” to old favorites. Ridha also played a hand in designing the lighting and visuals for the tour. Despite the demanding set up, the producer claims he’ s “really happy” with the outcome. The producer also confirmed that he’ll be “doing a little break” this winter.

 Live Set 1Live Set 2

6. His number one piece of advice for aspiring producers….

…is threefold: do your thing, create your own sound, and follow your heart. He even repeats it twice for slow learners.

Do Your Thing 1Do your thing 2

7. Gesaffelstein is working on a new album.

Ridha discusses his friendship with Gesaffelstein, producer Mike Lévy, multiple times in the thread, touching upon their friendly working relationship and the potential for a b2b that would likely break the internet (at least the techno loving part of it). Twice though, he makes mention of new music from the dark lord of techno and seems to confirm Lévy has a new album in the works.

Gesaffelstein 2
Gesaffelstein 1

8. Dog Blood isn’t dead yet. 

Perhaps the most exciting revelation from Ridha’s AMA was the prospect of more Dog Blood to come. Ridha confirmed that his side project with Skrillex was very much still alive, despite laying dormant for some time due to scheduling concerns. “For me, it’s important to be in the room with people I make music with,” says Ridha before confirming a remix for his track “Midnight” is in the works.
Dog Blood 2

Dog Blood 1

9. He doesn’t consider himself a ‘techno head.’

In fact, Ridha says he fights actively against that kind of labelling because it can be restrictive. The producer instead attempts to find a unique sound to express his mode, turning to disco, house, techno, or even punk.

A sound, not a song

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