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A history of Mysteryland through photos: 23 years and counting

Upholding the title as The Netherland’s longest standing music festival, Mysteryland was truly the first of its kind when its inaugural event took place in 1993. The prized Dutch festival experienced several years of trials before finally settling on a one-day event from 2002-2013. It wasn’t until the following year, however, that the ID&T-assisted event opted for a two-day experience, and ever since, the franchise has gone on to reign supreme as one of the world’s premier electronic music festivals. From its humble beginnings as a home-grown event to an international spectacle experienced in countries including Chile and the United States, Mysteryland boasts a breathtaking history unlike that of any other festival on earth.

Ahead of Mysteryland USA’s third annual affair in Bethel, New York, witness the Dutch festival’s transformation from its humble beginnings to a larger-than-life phenomenon.

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