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Aaron Jackson Receives A Splendid Remix Package For “Changing Me”

Aaron Jackson Receives A Splendid Remix Package For “Changing Me”

Brian Poles

Back in December Aaron Jackson released his “Feeling Me” EP which included the banging song “Changing Me” featuring FreeFall and Megan Hamilton. Last week Audiophile XXL released the remix package for the single and it gives the song a fresh new life through the sounds of Jay Robinson, Eyes Everywhere, and Dillon Nathaniel.

Jay Robinson’s remix is up first where he gives the song a bit of a darker feeling with its slow pace and pounding basslines. There’s wobbly synths hidden back in the song which you need to pay close attention to get but really give the track some life. Next up is Eyes Everywhere’s remix where he turns the track into an ominous string of selective lyrics and synths before descending into a zany drop which elicits wonder and awe. Last but not least is Dillon Nathaniel’s remix who keeps the pace of the song fast and uses a heavy and hard house drop with deep basslines to get the dancefloor moving.

You can purchase the remix package now or stream all three songs down below. All of these remixes offer something different so there is something here for everyone. So sit back and take a listen to these out-of-this-world songs!

Aaron Jackson, FreeFall, Megan Hamilton – Changing Me Remix EP | Download |

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