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Above & Beyond prepare for ‘Acoustic II’ album with three acoustic singles

Above & Beyond discounted remarks about electronic music not being “real music” when they stripped their most popular songs down to their core to write their first Acoustic album. Their venture was met with nothing but high praise across all areas of the industry, with fans and critics alike noting how brilliant and even more emotive each single was in a neo-classical environment.

Acoustic’s huge success has inspired the trio to return with Acoustic II, which will also be accompanied by a world tour across several iconic concert halls. Their second rendition focuses mainly on their newer works, though they have opted to include an acoustic version of their popular 2004 classic, “No One On Earth.” In preparation for the album’s release on June 3, Above & Beyond have given fans a taste of what to expect by unveiling three of its singles: “Hello,” “We’re All We Need,” and “Another Chance,” the latter of which features a welcome addition of Justine Suissa on vocals.

These three releases will be made available for download upon pre-ordering here.

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