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After five die at Time Warp, Argentina is putting a halt to large scale electronic music events

In response to the untimely passing of five festival goers and the hospitalization of four others following Time Warp Argentina, the country will no longer grant permits for large scale electronic music events. The rule will remain effective until a more permanent law aiming to prevent drug abuse at live music events is put into place.

Though Time Warp has experienced unprecedented success in its home country, Germany, the Buenos Aires edition of the prized techno festival saw a shocking number of deaths and drug-related illnesses. The deaths of several young attendees in their 20s have shaken the electronic music community abroad, now standing as a threat to the future of dance music in Argentina. It remains to be seen whether a South American version of the RAVE Act will be implemented, or if the nation will take a more progressive approach in addressing drug consumption.

Via: CFJC Today

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