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“All I Need” Is The New Dillon Nathaniel EP

“All I Need” Is The New Dillon Nathaniel EP

Brian Poles

Dillon Nathaniel has been a staple for Audiophile XXL since its onset bringing those funky and minimal tech house rhythms to the forefront for the label. While his beats don’t scream “banger” they sure do bring the groove and will get those feet of yours dancing. Dillon is back with the label with his new EP “All I Need” and it is really all I need to get through the rest of this week.

The EP starts out with “The Source” which will be your next source for some fun and psychedelic beats. With mesmerizing snares and some out-of-this-world synths you will be getting down in no time. Up next is the title track of the EP “All I Need.” This one starts out with some more in-your-face and aggressive beats. With a vocal sample repeating “all I need is the bass and the drum” you get a feel of where the song is going to go. With heavy distorted bass and a rhythmic drum snare in the background you will be entranced in no time. Rounding out the EP is “Hypnotized” and hypnotized you will be with its ominous start of the song and the heavily distorted voice you begin hearing as the song begins to descend into a spiral of housey beats.

Dillon Nathaniel’s dark but danceable tech house sound really shines through in this EP as it creates a solid flow of minimal but rocking beats. You can buy this one now or stream in full below. The EP is only about 18 minutes long but the way it is put together it will put you in a trance and time will go by in a flash. So support this one now by listening or purchasing and follow Dillon on social media to see what he has next up his sleeve.

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