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Angry Colorado Residents Thought Bassnectar Festival ‘Was An Earthquake’

Residents of Colorado’s Commerce City were shook by what they thought was an earthquake on Saturday, causing several to issue complaints to the City Council and lose sleep. What the vibrations actually were coming from, they later found out, was Bassnectar‘s inaugural festival Bass Center at the local Dick’s Sporting Goods Park.

But despite the complaints, several of them in-person at a Council hearing, the city has refused to denounce Bassnectar. They continue to defend the event, as it remained within the noise thresholds in the issued permit (84 dBA for treble and 105 dBC for bass).

Mayor Sean Ford said that the city did not research the DJ before issuing the concert permit, forcing some residents to angrily share their stories from the evening. Scott Wilson, who lived near the stadium, said that he was able to record 72 decibels of noise on his front porch, shaking his entire house.

For the time being, neither the affected residents nor the City Council appears to be budging on their position. The city has said, however, that it will be reviewing the process for issuing concert permits.


Source: CBS

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