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Armin van Buuren @ De Zomer Draait Door (Dutch)

Armin van Buuren was invited to be a guest at the Dutch talkshow ‘De Zomer Draait Door’ on 18th of June, 2009.

For those who cannot understand Dutch, here are some of the things he talks about:

His recent gigs in South Africa, one in Johannesburg and one in Cape Town both with 5000 people present.

He also talks about which music he likes and is influenced by. “I like to listen to different styles of music”, he says. When the host asks him what he likes best within rock, Armin says: “Well, for example Keane and I am a big fan of Coldplay and Phil Collins”. They show a clip of his favourite track from Phil Collins ‘In The Air Tonight’. “I love that song”, Armin says.

The host also asks him about the favourite/inspiring dance music. “Eve Of The War by Jeff Wayne, and the Ben Liebrand remix of that track”. “If it wasnt for him, I wouldnt been sitting here”, he ads. They show a fragment of the original clip, but Armin sais, “Yes, it is nice but the Ben Liebrand remix is cooler!”

At the end they talk about his new single Never Say Never. Armin says he is honoured to have worked with the Dutch singer Jacqueline Govaert and hopes their collaboration will help her international recognition.

Download Armin van Buuren feat. Jaqueline Govaert – Never Say Never here:…

Find more from Armin on his YouTube channel and here:

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