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Armin van Buuren – The Making Of Mirage

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It’s no secret — creating electronic music is so much more than sitting behind a computer and doing a few clicks! A great example is Armin van Buuren’s masterpiece of an album title-track named ‘Mirage’. As the No. 1 DJ already revealed during one of his studio sessions, his brother Eller’s band Bagga Bownz had main influence on the way the orchestral track came into being.

Eller and his Bagga Bownz band recorded the strings 27 times, the guitar 8 times and the bass guitar 4 times — and all of that accompanied by a camera. The video we’ve just uploaded gives you an impression of how and where they were all recorded. They’ve used 4 studios to record and mix all the tracks together into one mayhem of sound. Strings were recorded in Delft, at Marmalade music, drums at Holland Spoor studios in The Hague and guitars and basses in Nutsville Noiselab, homestudio of Bagga Bownz. All was mixed together in Nutsville Noiselab and then in the studio with the rest of the track in the studio of Armin himself.

The idea itself that Armin made up came from Bagga Bownz’ first album, called ‘Done with the Pain’ (available on iTunes). The song that inspired to do so, is called ‘Ready or not’.

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