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ARMNHMR Join Forces With DATHAN For A Stellar Remix To Ekali & KRANE’s “AKIRA”

LA-based duo ARMNHMR (consisting of Joseph Chung and Joseph Abella) are no strangers to being given such daunting tasks like re-imagining huge tunes. This is exactly what the duo sought after when their ears had welcomed Ekali & KRANE’s latest masterpiece, “AKIRA.”

Whether it be remixes for The Chainsmokers hit single “Closer” or ATB’s “Ecstasy,” ARMNHMR are masters at taking big names tunes and making them sound larger than life.

Check out what the dudes over at ARMNHMR had to say about their latest track

“Here’s a new one from us and our boy DATHAN. Really enjoyed Ekali & KRANE’s work on AKIRA and immediately had ideas shooting out of our eyes. This is our reimagination of the wonderful piece that is AKIRA. Hope you enjoy it and stay amazing. With love <3”

Their latest work, a remix collaboration with DATHAN, the producers join forces to create a mind melting electrifying melodic yet soothing banger that not deflated the value of “AKIRA” rather took the masterpiece up a notch.

Stream Ekali & KRANE’s “AKIRA” (ARMNHMR & DATHAN Remix) below and make sure to snag your free dl here!

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