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Artists React to Brexit & What It Means for Music at Large

Early yesterday morning, a majority of the United Kingdom’s citizens shockingly voted for the country to leave the European Union. Among the pound dropping in value, David Cameron resigning from his position as prime minister and investors scrambling to forecast the country’s economic future, many British artists have taken to social media to express fear, sadness and anger over what onlookers have dubbed “Brexit.”

DisclosureBicepHudson Mohawke and even the Glastonbury music festival, which is taking place this weekend, have gone on record to criticize Brexit. Read their various responses to the vote and after the results of the vote below:


In terms of Brexit’s effects upon musicians, 6AM Group wrote a very in-depth editorial on how the ruling may affect British artists who want to tour other countries, but also the many artists who play shows in the U.K. British-based artists may have to pay a lot of money in order to acquire the necessary documents and approvals in order to tour outside of the country, while artists entering the country may also end up paying hundreds, if not thousands, in order to satisfy the eventual laws that go into place.

6AM Group also noted that Rob Challice, who is the director of the Coda Agency Ltd. booking agency, went on record to suspect that Brexit would “set back the U.K. by a number of years,” negatively affecting British artists creatively, artistically and financially. On top of that, the British Phonographic Industry conducted a survey among British record labels that found 68 percent of those labels wanted the U.K. to remain in the EU, with 59 percent believing Brexit would negatively impact the promotion of British music and its artists. It remains to be seen how this ruling will affect the music world, but all eyes are nervously watching it unfold.

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Source: Artists React to Brexit & What It Means for Music at Large

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