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Audien feat. Michael S. – Leaving You (Official Music Video)

Nate Rathbun, also known as Audien, has been on a long journey going from his warm track ‘Eleven Eleven’ to the upbeat hit release ‘Sup’. Growing as one of the top prog-house producers today, Audien’s feel good track ‘These Are The Days’ has shaped up yet another top tune ‘Leaving You’, which is bursting with catchy melodies to get the crowd moving!
Lyrics By: MIchael SanFilippo

Oh lookie here I am burning again.
Thought it was real but your love, it was only pretend.
Oh lookie here I am walking away.
I’ll turn around if you beg if you beg me to stay.

This time I don’t think so.
I had enough of your romance re-flow.
Heartbreaker with an ego.
You were doing some things that could have been illegal.
Make sense out of nothin at all, you were pretty much evil
But I’ve got more to say.

Oh I never never met nobody body like you.
That ain’t no complement, that’s the truth.
You’re nothin but a cold heart covered in gold.

That’s why…That’s why I’m leaving you…
I’m leavin You…

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