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Bassnectar, Moby, Dillon Francis & More React to Newly Passed Tax Bill

DJ/producers are weighing in on the new tax bill, along with the rest of the country…

In a long, 400+ word document, the new tax bill was presented to the senate, which passed in an early morning vote. (Note: the bill must still pass in the House.) Bassnectar, Dillon Francis, Moby, and more are overwhelmingly shocked — even appalled by the bill that will affect the individuals, families and businesses in the U.S. and the economy as a whole.

Bassnectar, who has been especially vocal in his call for impeachment of President Donald Trump, quotes: “Good morning Amerikkka, while you were distracted by the clown crook who you were dumb enough or racist enough to vote into office: the republicans just SOLD YOU OUT.”

Moby explains: “What’s in it? Tax deductions for owners of private planes. Tax deductions for owners of golf courses. Estate tax deductible raised to $11,000,000.”

There’s a pattern here. More reactions below.

EDM Reacts to New Tax Bill

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