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Bearson Drops His Highly Addictive Single “Want You” Feat. Cal

Bearson Drops His Highly Addictive Single “Want You” Feat. Cal


There’s something special about Bearson’s music. Every time I press play on one of his tracks I know I’ll be able to briefly escape whatever reality I’m in and enter a melodic haven. Remember “Pink Medicine” and “Imposter?” Well, “With You” is one of the best examples and also one of his latest originals. The electronic pop harmony has a seductive and hypnotizing effect while the undeniably catchy lyrics will resound in your head long after first play. I’ve had it on repeat for about two days now and I see no signs of stopping.

“Want You” was one of the first songs I ever made in a session with other writers and vocalists. The whole song was based off a small toy piano we started playing around with and record. It’s a step in the right direction for me musically – the concept of writing proper songs compared to tracks.- Bearson”

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