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Beyond the Booth 014: Marques Wyatt & the ritual of self care

Beyond the Booth is a feature dedicated to the hidden side of artists that exists outside electronic music— a side rarely discussed with those outside their immediate circle. We venture “beyond the booth,” so to speak, and dive into their deepest passions that tie into their unique personalities. After some self-introspection, each participant then returns to the booth, providing an exclusive mix for the Dancing Astronaut audience.

Los Angeles has a vibrant underground dance culture that remains strongly rooted in the city despite attempts to overthrow it. At its helm is Marques Wyatt, a veritable stalwart who’s poured his blood, sweat, and tears into his DEEP brand, and in cultivating the scene around him.

His philosophy is one that rings true across history: music is a ritual. For years, the combination of rhythm and melody have helped guide humans to new planes, and Wyatt taps into this through each of his sets. He has an ear for all things meaningful within the 4/4 realm, consistently leading his listeners on introspective journeys through mystical and soulful shades of house. Not to mention, the humility and passion he exudes have made him a well-loved icon locally and beyond.

A main staple on the transformational circuit, Wyatt is bound for Mexico’s RHA festival — taking place from May 25-26 — where he will be pleasing an international audience with what’s likely to be an enticing track selection. Beforehand, however, he stopped by the DA offices to dive into the other most important part of his life: self care. He gives us some useful tips on non-violent communication, healthful foods, and decompressing; a nice complement to the business of the festival he will soon be dominating.

What is your go-to health food?
If you slit my wrist, avocado would come pouring out. My favorite food in the world.

Tell us about your favorite natural remedies.
In Ayurvedic Medicine, oil pulling (specifically coconut oil pulling) is a fantastic oral detoxification procedure that’s simply done by swishing a tablespoon of oil (typically coconut, olive or sesame) in your mouth for 10-20 minutes.

Secondly, I get bitten by mosquitoes a lot when traveling. I discovered the best repellent for mosquitoes which is natural and made by Avon of all people. It’s called “Skin So Soft.” It’s been tried and tested in the jungles of Tulum, Hawaii and other places I used to get eaten alive. If you do happen to get bitten… lavender oil for the bites is amazing. 😉

How did you get into yoga, how has it changed you for the better? How does it tie into your DEEP brand/musical ethos, and why should people try it out?
Yoga has taught and continues to teach me about myself. When I first began to practice, I noticed there was a direct correlation between how I dealt with challenging poses and how I dealt with challenges in my life. I learned to breathe through both and stay focused, whether in completing a pose or task. I also, began to notice myself being much more grounded and less reactive. Which is a great tool to be able to access in this chosen profession of mine, riddled with so many different personalities. Yoga and music are my two loves, so the fact that we have created a branch of DEEP-LA (Deep Exhale) that contributes to health and wellness is a blessing.

What are your thoughts on non-violent communication as a ways to resolve conflict?
Non violent communication is the only way that works towards a positive result. Choose your language carefully and avoid words that put someone on the defense and/or make them feel wrong about how they feel.

What are some tips you have for processing/working through emotions?
A sure way to work through negative emotions is to understand that they begin with a thought.

THOUGHTS>FEELINGS>ACTIONS=RESULT. Thus, it’s a good practice to notice negative shifts in the way you feel, then track the origin of the thought you chose to produce the feeling. Then choose another thought that better serves you.

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