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Blair Returns With Electropop Ballad ‘Planetary’

When the Blair project first surfaced last April with single “Five Past Ten” he quickly made a name for himself as perhaps one of the first few unique acts to emerge through SoundCloud in awhile. He released two hits in high succession before quickly disappearing back into internet hole. Now, he’s finally back with another single this time featuring argonaut&wasp. 

Dubbed “Planetary,” this single will have you flying to the moon and back in euphoria with its uplifting indie-dance sensibilities. The track feels like it was taken out of an unreleased Empire of The Sun b-side, doused in a bucket of electropop synths, and then beautifully packaged into the glistening indie-pop release you see before you. If you’re into indie-leaning dance/pop you’ll love this one.

Stream it now below.

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