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Blogger presents YouTube analytics of top EDM channels from last year

As the music industry continues to become increasingly digitized, any astute observer can note musical trends with unprecedented accuracy. Streaming’s pre-eminence as a musical medium allows for more analytics that make tracking releases’ popularity more accessible than ever before.

Recently, an independent blogger using the handle “balazsdavid987,” conducted a year-long study of the volume and popularity of EDM tracks uploaded to YouTube. By setting up a small piece of software to gather data on the number of new uploads to 16 of the platform’s most popular EDM channels, and how many views those uploads achieved over time, the author found some interesting results, including the statistic that the 7% of videos which broke 1 million views within these channels, accounted for over 70% of the channels’ total views.

The author concluded that dance music’s presence on YouTube is still increasing, both in the volume of new uploads and the view-counts on those uploads. While this study only analyzed the data from a very limited number of channels on only one platform, the results’ implications are intriguing, and have the potential to lead to more comprehensive studies in the future.

The complete study is available here.

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