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Calypso Delivers An Impressive Self-titled Debut EP

Calypso Delivers An Impressive Self-titled Debut EP


Coming from the country of Tasmania, producer/singer Calypso has quickly made her way into the spotlight with her infinitely hypnotizing indie-pop/electronic sound. Just a couple weeks ago, she released her debut single “Numbered,” a piano-driven gem that offered an tasteful touch of disco alongside Calypso’s full-bodied vocals. The song introduced the world to her sound that is both robust and elegant, taking you to a more elusive dream-state with its distinctive electronica grooves.

Following the single, the young songstress has now returned with her first self-titled EP, which not only includes “Numbered” but three other striking tracks that are well worthy of praise. Set to be released on June 29th, the Calypso EP is overflowing with a stylish fusion of electronic and pop, while also displaying her perceptive lyricism that focuses on the intricacies of love and self-endearment.

“I suppose the main themes behind the EP would be growth and change…whether that’s within a relationship or within oneself. I think it’s a reflection on how life is constantly moving, and you have to adapt to your surroundings and learn how to survive through the changes.” – Calypso

Calypso – Calypso EP

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