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Can Somebody Please Tell Me Exactly What Martin Garrix Was Dressed As For Halloween?

So I’ve been staring at this Martin Garrix tweet for about a good thirty minutes now trying to figure out exactly what he was dressed as for Halloween.

After a triumphant ADE week where he came away as the biggest winner of the entire event, Martin flew out to Seattle where he played in front of a sold-out crowd at the annual FreakNight festival. After the event, Martin shared a photo via Twitter of the costume he was rocking at the show.

Now, upon seeing this. Two questions have instantly popped into my mind.

1) Did Martin tell the crowd which wizard he was dressed as? Or was he just like a default wizard. Or maybe the answer is glaringly obvious. I wouldn’t know, I’m not a wizard expert.

2) Did Martin Garrix really play the entire set dressed like that? It’s pretty damn hot under all those lights when you’re mixing, so he would’ve been boiling if he did play like that from start to finish. Alternatively, if he didn’t – what was the reveal like? Did he walk out like this before ducking back into the green room and changing quickly? Or did he play his set in his regular black t-shirt only to duck under the table for five seconds and reemerge dressed as a wizard.

I’m really praying somebody from the Seattle show can answer these for me, because I’m dying to know.


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Source: Can Somebody Please Tell Me Exactly What Martin Garrix Was Dressed As For Halloween?

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