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Carnage Is Bending The Rules By Offering Free Tickets For Votes In DJ Mag Top 100

Every year it seems like the DJ Mag Top 100 DJ list becomes less and less relevant in the ever-changing landscape of dance music. Somehow, somewhere, there is always someone who is bound to make a poor decision during the hectic race for the DJ Mag’s #1 spot. It’s the unnecessary attempt to try to gain ranks among fellow DJ peers that forces me to shine a light on this simply improper and unfair tactic even when I truly wish I wouldn’t have to.

Carnage is telling his Facebook followers to send in screenshots of them voting for him to win free tickets to any of his US shows (and some “VERY VERY VERY special prizes”), which simply doesn’t stand in line with acceptable DJ Mag advertising techniques that tons of other DJs spend money on. The DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJ list would truthfully be an interesting gauge on the popularity of DJ’s in the current year if no money or these types of scandalous, vote-baiting pleas were involved.

I personally think there is nothing wrong with letting your fans know that the DJ Mag polls have opened and saying, “Vote for me,” but when you offer up something worth actual money in return for a vote it cannot be justified in the slightest.

Don’t get me wrong, Carnage is being a good guy offering out free tickets to his fans, especially when some people were already going to vote for him irrespective of whether or not he had posted about this.

It’s sad, but fairness & honesty have been ditched in turn for social gain and a misconstrued perspective of relevance. At the end of the day, it’s just a bad decision.

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Source: Carnage Is Bending The Rules By Offering Free Tickets For Votes In DJ Mag Top 100

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