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Caspa & Rusko release ‘Brixton Blowout (Rubber Dub)’ from forthcoming EP

In October 2015, Caspa and Rusko delighted longtime dubstep fans internationally by announcing their reunion. The British pair have both maintained relatively low profiles over the last several years, and are considered by many dubstep purists to be genre’s last bastion. While both producers put forth formidable releases, neither fell into the “bro-step” sound that, for better or worse, took over the genre after the advent of Skrillex’s popularity.

When the pair announced their reunion, Caspa told Billboard their intentions to pursue a gradual return into the limelight:

“The thing is, we’re trying not to run ahead of ourselves too much. We’re like, let’s not book a tour in, let’s not do the single, single, album, tour the album. Let’s do one show, and put one tune out. So that’s the plan: put the tune out on the 16th of October with the show in LA and then after that, we have so much music. We’re just going to go, ‘should we put another tune out, another two out, another four out, should we put an EP out?’ I don’t know. The main focus is just keeping it rolling. We just want to be consistent. We’re not trying to be current, we’re just trying to be consistent.”

Nine months after announcing their gradual return, the pair have delivered upon their promise of staying consistent rather than staying current. with the release of their new collaboration, “Brixton Blowout (Rubber Dub).”

Centered around drawn-out rhythms and Reggae guitar samples, “Brixton Blowout” is aimed at classic dubstep aficionados rather than inductees of the post-Skrillex era. Subdued bass takes precedent over shrieking drops, and the seminal duo manage to breathe new life into their dormant genre rather than appropriate new musical trends as an attempt to quickly reattain widespread relevance.

In keeping with Caspa’s mission statement of consistency over currency, the release of “Brixton Blowout” is sagely-timed, arriving on the cusp of their forthcoming collaborative venture, EP 1. Caspa and Rusko’s dual EP is slated for a July 29 release, and the title suggests that the collection will not be the last that audiences see from the pair.

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