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Causes Of Death Released For All 58 Victims of Las Vegas Shooting

Months after the devastating Las Vegas shooting that shook our nation to its core, the Clark County County Office of the Coroner/Medical Examiner has determined the cause of death for all 58 victims.

To no surprise, each individual suffered a fatal gunshot wound — although six people reportedly died from multiple entry wounds. All 58 deaths were ruled as homicides, by gunman Stephen Paddock who shot down from the 32nd floor of a nearby hotel.

Coroner John Fudenberg told the Las Vegas Review-Journal that the official report took more than two months to release to ensure accuracy and ample time to notify families of the victims.

As time goes by, it doesn’t get easier to hear about the lives lost on October 1, 2017 at Route 91 Harvest music festival near the city’s famous Las Vegas Strip. While more questions than answers remain, we can hope this brings some sort of closure, if that’s even possible, for the victim’s loved ones.

Coroner John Fudenberg told the Las Vegas Review-Journal that it has taken more than two months to release the information because his office wanted to be accurate and notify the victims’ families first.

“Because of the impact that this incident had on our community, and the attention that this incident received, it became very important for us to ensure that all of the families had the information prior to us releasing it to the public,” he said.

Nearly all of the fatalities were caused by a single gunshot wound, though six victims died from multiple wounds. Most had been shot in the head, chest or back. The deaths were all ruled homicides.

Paddock death was officially ruled a suicide, with a gunshot wound to the head that entered through the mouth.

Causes Of Death For Victims of Las Vegas Shooting


Source: Las Vegas Review-Journal 

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