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Cedric Gervais Shares Opinion on Deadmau5, Staying Healthy, Overcoming Producer’s Block, & More

Presented by Aspire to Inspire…

Last Wednesday we sat down with the legendary Cedric Gervais for an Aspire to Inspire livestream where he talked about overcoming language barriers upon moving to the U.S. from France and the journey to finding his sound.

To follow up the livestream we wanted to provide fans with the opportunity to ask him their questions so our friends over at asQme did an unabridged question and answer session with Cedric. During this Q&A he discussed his appreciation for Deadmau5, his tips on staying healthy and overcoming producer’s block, and an upcoming charity project he has planned for his hometown – Miami.

All of those and more can be seen below:

Shares Appreciation for Deadmau5

Drawing inspiration for songwriting

Describes his worst show experience

Lebron James is one of his biggest inspirations

Describes how boxing between shows impacts his performance

Advice for upcoming music producers

Reveals plans for upcoming charity work in Miami

Shares what he enjoys to do in his spare time

Shares appreciation for newer genres of electronic music

Discusses the importance of being selective w/ shows

Explains how he overcomes producer’s block

Cedric’s tips for staying healthy

Cedric reveals his musical inspirations

Shares possibility of doing a follow up “Deception” track w/ Borgore

Cedric opens up about getting burnt out at times

Cedric reveals the most defining most of his career

Cedric reveals what he regularly listens to

Cedric paints the picture of what a movie about him would look like

Discusses his acting career

Shares his appreciation for small, intimate venues

Cedric considers Miami his hometown

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