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Coachella’s 1st Creepy Craigslist Post

So the Coachella lineup was dropped this past Tuesday, and like every festival around the world, the interesting ones come out of the woodwork right about now. It took only 2 days for the first creepy Craigslist posting to surface online (though it has since been taken down). No worries, of course, we’ve managed to find an archived version of the posting here.

56 year-old Gordon from West Covina is offering a once in a lifetime, all expenses paid trip to Coachella and a VIP pass for the 2nd weekend if you follow his personal criteria below.Oh and by the way this is what you will be traveling in and if you decide to take Mr. Gordon up on his offer and yes you will be lodging at a motel… have fun?

H/T: Pass The Aux | Image via DoLA

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Source: Coachella’s 1st Creepy Craigslist Post

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