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Cooking With Marshmello: Hanukkah Edition

The latest episode of Cooking With Marshmello celebrates Hanukkah by making some marshmallow dreidels. (If you don’t know what a dreidel is or its significance, head here.)

Cooking With Marshmello is so wildly hit or miss that it’s become part of what makes it entertaining. Will today’s episode be unbearably cringy? Will I actually use any of these techniques in real life cooking? Let’s find out!

In order to make marshmallow dreidels, you only need a few ingredients: marshmallows, Hershey’s kisses, white chocolate candies, pretzel sticks, and some black fondant. There’s not really any “cooking” involved in this treat, more so just putting pieces together like LEGOS…

And also let’s not forget that Hanukkah doesn’t actually start until next week, so there’s that.

Still, these seem like nice little treats for your younger siblings to play around with and eat, so why not? Check out the “recipe” below.

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