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Copenhagen’s largest techno club, Culture Box, may be closing in 2017

Electronic music has always had a rough relationship with governments and politics both stateside and abroad. The most recent clash comes from the Danish capital of Copenhagen where the city’s largest techno club, Culture Box, will no longer receive government funding from the Danish Arts Council at the start of 2017.

Operating since 2005, the Culture Box saw 45,000 guests during its 10th anniversary in 2015. The club incurs an annual grant of around €240,000 (~$276,360) from the Danish Arts Council, which when removed, will significantly impact its operations. Although Culture Box’s future may be in jeopardy, Danish club-goers should not lose all hope as the club’s press manager stated, “It’s 100% clear that Culture box will remain open throughout 2016, beyond that we have many options to consider.”

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Photo Credit: Culture Box Facebook

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