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DA Studios: EDX’s 10 tips for aspiring producers

Welcome to DA Studios, a feature that dives deep into the world of music production. We’ll bring you a variety of installments that will include guest posts from artists offering inside tips, detailed looks into the minds and tools of producers and more.

EDX is consistently ranked one of the top-selling producers on Beatport, and for good reason: the Swiss producer has his chart-savvy formula down to a science. Once a progenitor of the decade’s progressive house revival, EDX can now be found cranking out crossover hits and summertime anthems on the regular.

More recently, his reputation has earned him a brand new No Xcuses summer residency at Privilege in Ibiza, where he’ll be joined by special guests like Nora En Pure. The residency runs every Monday for 10 weeks straight beginning at the end of June and culminating in August.

Ahead of the residency, EDX joins us for DA Studios, where he’s offered 10 tips for aspiring producers on songwriting and getting a professional sound.

5 Tips for Songwriting in EDM

1. Know pop music inside out. Make pop and EDM your life-task (You can keep a pet but no other friends anymore)

2. Know pop music history from the 1940s onward, and understand the transitions into each epoche of pop music and why the music changed

3. Know how a perfect pop song is built

4. Touch on subjects that no one else has previously wrote about (lyrically)

5. Write melodies you would like to hear over and over, even after you’ve already heard them for 3 days in a row

5 Tips For A Professional Sound

1. Train your ears

2. Know exactly what you’re looking for and where you want to go with it

3. Do research on how others reached the level you want to get to

4. Understand that every little noise or nature sound we can hear is a potential musical instrument

5. It needs to be in your blood (some people just don’t have the talent to understand and judge an “aesthetic” sound)


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