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deadmau5 isn’t happy with his new album; vows to write one that he actually likes

Deadmau5’s dissatisfaction with his new album is no secret. Back in October, Zimmerman openly disparaged it, admitting genuine surprise that the first press outlets to hear it had responded positively. Now the Canadian producer is continuing his self-scrutinizing, once again taking to Twitter to share his unfiltered thoughts on his new album, W:/2016ALBUM/.

As he’s said in the past, Zimmerman reiterates his disdain for the album, admitting that the entire process was a bit rushed. When asked by fans why he put out the album before being satisfied with it, Zimmerman responded: “COZ I GOT FUCKING MAD BILLS.”

His negative outlook — while terrible for the actual marketing of the album — has a silver lining, however. Deadmau5’s frustration with his new LP has seemingly catalyzed Zimmerman to begin working on the “fabled ‘album i like’ thing ive been wanting to do for the past 10 years.” With this in mind, it’s quite possible that Zimmerman’s best work is not behind him.

Deadmau5’s new album W:/2016ALBUM/ is out on December 2.


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