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deadmau5 Mix 2016 (Harmonic) 2.5 Hours [Including One Brand New Song]

I finally got it to work! I wanted to get this out a week ago but complications with rendering (new to After Effects) caused me to have to do it over a few times and it still took 29 hours to render and only resulted in a 5.5-ish gb file size. I don’t know. But whatever – it’s here now and I’m happy to finally publish it. It still isn’t perfect seeing as it has a few minutes of silence at the end…but I mean, I’m just excited that it’s finally ready to upload so here goes.

Everyone that watched my other two mixes: thank you for the constructive criticism! The others were not at all even remotely harmonically mixed and I’ve since researched how and did every song by hand and ear and mixed them appropriately. No traktor or mixed in key here. Please feel free to leave more feedback if you like how it’s mixed or see any problems with it.

Since I started these I’ve been more and more interested in music and mixing and I’ve even got a second channel going dedicated to mixes I make. I know this description has gradually changed from “I’m nowhere close to a music producer” to “Hey guise I make music nao” but it’s been a fun process of learning and I hope it’s showing up these days in my new work 😛

Anyhow, it’s late for me right now so I’m just going to upload this and call it good. I’ll add song titles and timestamps in the morning. Thanks for all the views and comments!

0:00:00 – Bored of Canada
0:01:46 – Strobe
0:07:40 – So There I Was
0:14:10 – Brazil (2nd Edit)
0:20:24 – Ghosts ‘n Stuff (Instrumental)
0:26:45 – Move For Me
0:32:59 – Drop The Poptart / Somewhere Up Here
0:42:00 – 71c
0:48:42 – Moar Ghosts n’ Stuff
0:53:29 – There Might Be Coffee
1:00:17 – Pets 1
1:06:44 – Faxing Berlin
1:15:24 – Finished Symphony
1:21:54 – Jaded
1:30:32 – The Veldt
1:38:32 – I Remember (Vocals)
1:48:10 – Seeya
1:54:00 – Where Phantoms Sleep 04
2:03:16 – Arguru Edxs
2:09:50 – Imaginary Friends (Unreleased from late 2015 – let’s hope for a release soon 😀 )
2:15:54 – Not Exactly
2:24:54 – Closer
2:32:01 – Absolutely Nothing (Not an actual deadmau5 song title…just literal silence from the render 😛 )

Copyright disclaimer:
All music found here is the work of Joel Zimmerman (deadmau5) of mau5trap records and is not my own. I have merely chosen my favourites of his and mixed them together. I do not claim ownership of anything but the original upload of this video which contains Joel’s music.


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