Eat Sleep EDM


Deadmau5 Mix 2018

Song List:

0:00:00 – Saved
0:09:20 – 2448
0:15:34 – Jaded (Original Mix)
0:23:55 – Finished Symphony (deadmau5 remix)
0:29:56 – The Veldt (8 minute edit)
0:38:09 – I Remember
0:47:16 – Arguru
0:52:46 – Tiny Dancer (deadmau5 remix)
0:58:55 – Polaris
1:07:44 – Where Phantoms Sleep 04
1:16:20 – Avaritia
1:22:30 – Not Exactly
1:30:30 – There Might Be Coffee
1:36:55 – Aural Psynapse
1:43:33 – Pets
1:50:48 – Closer
1:57:40 – 71c
2:05:26 – Alone With You
2:12:56 – Ghosts ‘n’ Stuff
2:16:11 – Brazil (2nd edit)
2:21:33 – So There I Was
2:28:04 – 4ware
2:36:18 – October
2:43:16 – Strobe (you guessed it)

Soundcloud upload:

Welcome to my 2018 deadmau5 mix! It was a real debate whether or not to even do this one after all of my others were taken down several months ago and my chanel was suspended. Then one day I got a bunch of emails saying the videos were put back up and everything was solid and good to go again. So about two weeks ago I decided I had enough time and might as well do the annual mix. I hope you all like it!

Copyright disclaimer: I do not own the rights to the music contained within this mix. I have purchased all of it and/or used free downloads provided directly by Joel himself at one time or another. Joel Zimmerman (deadmau5) is the mastermind behind the music, I merely arranged it and placed a little visualiser effect on an existing deadmau5 wallpaper. If anyone representing Joel Zimmerman would like me to remove this video, please message me directly before requesting YouTube take it down. Thank you.

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