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Deadmau5 Mix – Techno / Minimal [Less Is More]

Deadmau5 – Techno / Minimal Mix [Classics]. hq, 1080p, 2016, 2017

I have been a Mau5 fan for over 7 years now and I am glad to see he gets the recognition he deserves. However, there are many tracks that are either forgotten or not valued as much. Therefore I jumped into the big discography and picked some of my favourite tracks towards the Techno / Minimal area. This does not consist all my favourites, nor does it represent a ‘Best of’ list since that is subjective.. just some tracks I really like.

Less is more..
Lately Deadmau5 had some huge releases with great melodies, huge leads, cutting edge bass and the overall the signature impressive sound design we’re used to. But even though I get hyped upon a new release, in the end I find myself listening to his older more simple productions way more often.
It just gets to me, the minimality and slow build-ups create tension and excitement and the tracks are therefore very rewarding. I don’t always need the in-your-face sounds for that. This also goes together with my personal preference shifting from generic house to techno over the past few years.

Don’t get me wrong here, I love his progressive creations, I love the electro stuff and everything in between. But I thought next to what we currently get, these tracks could use some recognition again.

Hope you like it, enjoy!

1. Deadmau5 – Some Kind of Blue (Original Mix) [Random Album Title]
2. Deadmau5 – Trepid (Original Mix) [Vexillology]
3. Deadmau5 – Reduction (Original Mix) [Single]
4. Deadmau5 – 1981 (Original Mix) [Vexillology)
5. Deadmau5 – Word Problems (Original Mix) [For Lack Of A Better Name]
6. Deadmau5 – Lai (Original Mix) [Vexillology]
7. Deadmau5 – Orca (Original Mix) [Vexillology]
8. Noir – Super Skunk (Deadmau5 Remix) [The Remixes]
9. Deadmau5 – Secondary Complications [It Sounds Like]
10. Deadmau5 – Everything Before [Everything Is Complicated EP]
11. Deadmau5 – Point Vanishes [At Play Vol. 4]
12. Deadmau5 – We Fail (Original Mix) [Not Exactly / We Fail]

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