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Deadmau5 Pokes Fun At Hardwell In Facebook Group

Hailing from Toronto himself, Deadmau5 has been known to visit the Toronto Rave Community group on Facebook on more than one occasion, even from his personal account. Not so long ago, he posted in the group, asking what they would get him for Christmas – as a joke.

One member responded by sharing a picture of the Hardwell action figure, the one that Dillon Francis so fondly used in his Snapchat stories. Deadmau5, ever so grateful, responded, “does it come in talented?”

Joel’s animosity toward mainstream EDM is no secret, he makes no effort to mask his disdain and disapproval. A book of his negative or most visceral tweets would actually probably sell quite a few copies.


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Source: Deadmau5 Pokes Fun At Hardwell In Facebook Group

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