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Deadmau5 Troll Compilation

The Ultimate Troll Compilation of Deadmau5 . Including the famous remixes of Animals and Where are you now, and of course the famous trolls on his dj sets live

Video links:

– PC Master Race – Oakland

– Ghosts n stuff rant at Veld

– Deadmau5 April Fools Day Rick Roll

– deadmau5 – where im at (full mix)

– Deadmau5 drunk on Corona’s

– Deadmau5 Trolling

– Fuck You Nicky Romero

– deadmau5’s crashed TI5 Ending Performance + levels

– Deadmau5 Troll Ultra Music Festival 2014

– Deadmau5 Windows Error

The songs on the videos are meant to promocional objectives. If your track was featured and you would like it to be removed, please contact me through a YouTube message or Twitter and I will remove it. Thanks.

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