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Different Sleep Brings Melodic Magic With “Just Cause”

Different Sleep Brings Melodic Magic With “Just Cause”


We all get in our feelings. Sometimes those feelings turn into fuel and burns brightest when using a creative outlet. This is at least the case with Different Sleep’s latest single “Just Cause” featuring Deebs off his upcoming debut album Forget It. The delicate melody and hypnotic harmony layered with electric synths and tender basslines really tug on the heart strings. If this is any indication of the melodic gold we are about to collect on Forget It out January 27th via Friends of Friends then we are in for a treat. Peep the tune and tracklist below.

    Different Sleep ‘Forget It’ LP tracklist:

1. For Get It
2. First To Say (ft. Vanessa Elisha)
3. Take Back
4. Ice Mirrors
5. Artillery
6. No Time (ft. Jarell Perry)
7. Holding On (ft. IDEH)
8. Paintings
9. Just Cause (ft. Deebs)
10. Lost Profit (ft. Angelina Lucero)
11. Therapy

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