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Downbeats Earplugs Officially Launch Their New Apparel Line via Kickstarter!

Music is what brings us together and it’s important to make sure that you will continue to hear it from years to come. Earplugs in the music scene have been growing in popularity (thank god) amongst concert goers as of recent and DownBeats have been there every step of the way providing ear protection at an affordable price.

As their company continued to grow and they sold product to over 50 countries and partnered with multiple festivals it was only a matter of time until they expanded to offer even more! The DownBeats Apparel Line has now been officially launched and looking for support.

Their main goal has always been to enhance the concert experience with their earplugs and they continued that motto throughout their apparel line. The company plans to offer six different items at the official launch which include a hoodie, women’s leggings, men’s shorts, men’s shirt, women’s swimsuit, and messenger bag all loaded with waterproof features and tons of pockets (both out in the open and hidden).


Even with their growing success they still need your help, they have set up a Kickstarter to help fund the production of the line which is already nearing it’s first thousand dollar mark with their end goal being $10k. DownBeats is offering some killer stuff with every level of support, everything from a pair of earplugs to men’s and women’s clothing combo’s. Come help support a company that is all about giving back to the music community, you can find their Kickstarter here!

For more information and to purchase a pair of DownBeats earplugs to can check out their website here.

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Source: Downbeats Earplugs Officially Launch Their New Apparel Line via Kickstarter!

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