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Drug Dealer Tracked Down Via Fingerprint From A WhatsApp Photo

Thing twice before the next time you send anything photo picturing the tips of your fingers via WhatsApp or text in the future…

A recent story in Wales is making headlines as police were able to identify a drug dealer by using a photo he’d sent of himself holding a vacuum sealed bag of pressed ecstasy pills and digitally scanning his fingerprints. This not only led to the arrest of the dealer, but also 10 of his associates.

Of course, selling drugs is illegal and this doesn’t excuse the perpetrators behavior. But this also inadvertently brings attention to privacy issues in a very digital and technological age.

Department employee Dave Thomas told the BBC: “[Fingerprinting] is an old-fashioned technique, not new.

The case’s success has caused ripples in the police community in the area.

“It has now opened the floodgates, and when there is part of a hand in a photograph officers are sending them in,” said Thomas.


via Daily Mail

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