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DUCKY drops off Adult Swim’s latest single, ‘NLFTB’ paired with special show announcement

Among the growing list of female DJs on the rise, Los Angeles-based producer DUCKY is not-so-quietly carving out her niche in the dance scene with her boisterous production style and her aced sound design, mixing and mastering capabilities. Following up on a new original product from earlier this year, “I Can Do It Myself,” released via DUCKY’s own QUACKHOUSE imprint, the burgeoning beat maker has been tapped for Adult Swim’s Singles lineup this year, offering up a new piece titled, “NLFTB,” tied to an exciting announcement.

The track is a raucous blend of rave-ready mayhem, stitching moments of happy hardcore euphoria to pumping breakdowns and thunderous drum arrangements. Mashing drum n’ bass, trap, glitch and house stylings into a souped-up, beating set list weapon, DUCKY’s propensity for unabashed party fare stands front and center on “NLFTB.” The track comes with the announcement of DUCKY’s first official warehouse rave in LA, aptly called “Ugh Just Rave.”

Catch Dancing Astronaut at DUCKY’s Ugh Just Rave warehouse party kicking off in Los Angeles on July 14. Purchase tickets here.

Featured image via Quasar Media.

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