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Dusky Announce Forthcoming Album ‘Outer’ With First Single

Dusky have announced their second album, Outer, will be out this year, along with dropping the first single.

“Ingrid Is A Hybrid” is a throwback to a simpler, rave-centric era with a lot of modern twists and turns. It’s a classically dancey track with catchy hooks and a serene melody and bassline that absolutely draws you in.

In their own words, “we spent a lot of time discussing which single we should share first from our forthcoming album and all eventually agreed that ‘Ingrid Is A Hybrid’ was the right choice,” explained Nick and Alfie. “It references a lot of the wider influences and tastes we have explored with our album, but also feels like a natural progression for what Dusky represents to us. We hope you like it.”

There’s no release date for Outer as of now, but you can still purchase “Ingrid Is A Hybrid.”



Photo by Holy Mountain for Insomniac Events


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