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Elon Musk Wants To Transport People Anywhere On Earth In Under An Hour

Elon Musk has huge plans for SpaceX. He still wants to colonize Mars, and he wants to create a permanent base on the moon. But in order to do many of these things, he’ll have to cannibalize and reappropriate the rest of SpaceX’s products in order to update their Interplanetary Transport System (codenamed BFR, for Big Fucking Rocket).

Another possibility that could come from this decision: shuttling people between any two points on Earth in under an hour.

SpaceX is looking to complete two BFRs by 2022, an ambitious deadline by any stretch of the imagination. The rockets will initially be purposed for Mars travel, supply, and exploration. But the end goal is to have enough to create an intraplanetary travel network that can transport up to 100 people (with the current specifications of the rocket) from one point to any other on Earth in under an hour.

Such a revolution would essentially make intercontinental flights obsolete, supposing the price for a SpaceX flight is also comparable.


via Wired

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