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Eric Sharp Unveils His Sexy House Treat “A Little More”

Eric Sharp Unveils His Sexy House Treat “A Little More”


Ooooh baby, this is a smooth, sexy treat to ease your way into the weekend. LA-based producer, Eric Sharp, has been working on this house-y treat for nearly 3 years now, inspired by the new wave of UK house flooding the West coast ever since he moved to Los Angeles from San Francisco in 2013. Sharp teams up with Capital Cities’ brass extraordinaire, Spencer Ludwig, and vocalist, Shandra Dixon, on “A Little More” for the perfect blend of polished sophistication and house-y groove.

In celebration of the release, Sharp said, “To me, musical works are snapshots of a point in time in an artist’s life. Tracks are energy crystallized into an audio format. I’m pleased to share a more upbeat tune with the world that came together at an exciting time in my life. A Little More represents the eternal wellspring of hope that is around every corner if we look for it. It celebrates the joy and release that music and dancing can inspire in us all.”

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