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ESEDM Artist Highlight: Klaypex and their new single!

If you haven’t heard of Klaypex yet, you sure will. Known for their bass heavy, electro house, rock your socks off music, we just had to interview them. With a new single release “I Walk Alone” coming soon, this is the opportune time to get to know them and see what the fuss is about. Also make sure to check out the preview for their upcoming single!

How did the group Klaypex come together?

Klaypex came together while Johnny and Mark were part of a Pop trio. Johnny had begun to experiment with Dubstep on the side, and was working on a track for fun. Mark, after hearing the progress, loved what he heard and decided to join Johnny to finish off what became “Lights”. Shortly after, it just made sense to pursue what truly inspired us. After that Travis joined, and now were here!

Who was the biggest inspiration for Klaypex members?

During our younger years, we went through multiple musical phases. From Rap to Heavy Metal, to Techno to Alternative Rock, from Trance to Industrial music and more. Some acts that really stuck over the years for both of us were bands like Muse, Oasis, Radiohead, the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s, and in more recent years Deadmau5, Porter Robinson, Above and Beyond, and Skrillex.

What does Klaypex mean? How did it come about?

When we set out to find a name, we felt the best approach was to create a word from scratch that would define what our music stood for. For that reason, we made up names that we felt phonetically represented what our sound was all about! We had a list that we narrowed down and decided to go with what resonated most with us.

What can we expect this year from Klaypex?

To end 2013, we’ll be releasing a single titled “I Walk Alone” on October 22. We’ll be kicking off some shows prior to heavy touring next year as well. To top it all off, we’re going to release an EP sometime very early 2014.

Was there any particular inspiration for the new single?

As we work on music we tend to draw inspiration from our own emotions more than from anything else. Of course, events that happen in life trigger that, and music that we listen to at the time can influence the way we go about portraying it. That said, the two usually mix so heavily that we wouldn’t even be able to point out a specific source of inspiration.

If Klaypex could tour with anyone, who would it be?

We’re down to tour with anyone as long as its an awesome tour!

What can fans always expect when they go to see Klaypex?

High energy, good music, and great times.

What non edm songs can we find Klaypex listening to at this moment?

The xx, Marcy Playground, Mindless Self Indulgence, Yeah Yeah Yeah’s, Incubus, and Placebo to name a few.



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