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Facebook and Instagram Now Let Us Know Time Spent On The Apps

The future is now. Starting today, Facebook and Instagram will let us know and remind us how much time we’re spending on social media.

This new launch of digital well-being and screen-time management dashboards marks the dawn of a new era. Facebook and Instagram are tracking personal raw minute counts of time spent in each app every day and within the week, plus a collective average so we can better track our habits.

However, it should be noted this kind of information can only be found deep within the app. Here’s how to get there: Settings -> Your Time On Facebook and Instagram’s Settings -> Your Activity. To really keep on top of usage, it’s necessary to set an alert.

We honestly don’t even want to know how much time we’ve spent on social media over the years thus far. But moving forward, it will be easier to make more conscious decisions in terms of time spent on both apps. For many, the days of senseless scrolling will be over.

Check it out!

Time Spent On Facebook and Instagram

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Daily Reminders

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Source + Screenshots: TechCrunch

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